How to stop fighting and become normal again.

Unable to know how to stop fighting with your partner? Don’t worry i have some tips which may help you to stop fight and become normal again

Learning how to stop fighting with your significant other is no easy task. Unfortunately, there’s no simple manual or checklist. Instead, it’s something you need to spend time working on, and it requires compromise from both you and your partner.

Whatever be the relationship, you may be brother & sister or Girlfriend Boyfriend, or even wife & husband, the first suggestion I would like to give is never stop talking after having a fight as this may create distance between you.

See whenever you are arguing or having a fight you get angry and some times you lose control and speak those words which should not be, and by the time you realize that its wrong, everything is over.

The first thing you need to do is try to tell them your part and if they are not in a mood to listen to you and if they are telling their version, don’t stop them let them speak completely and never try to stop them, and if you start talking as this may lead to a big fight.

You may think that how many times should I compromise and listen to them and what if they are not ready to listen to me?



 The main thing you need to know is if you don’t want to lose your relationship then you need to compromise, it maybe 10 times or 100 times, and I am sure that at one point of time they will realize, and then everything will become normal.

If they are not in a mood to listen to you then try other sources, like sending a message to them which they cannot stop from sending, or send a voice message or write a letter.I am just saying you that just tell your version over and don’t start fighting over text.

Try to be clam while fight and don’t lose your tongue. And One more advice I give that 3 words can stop your partner from fighting, I AM SORRY. With these 3 words, many fights will be stopped.

Even if there is your fault or not don’t go to ego and don’t think that why should I apologize, just say it I AM SORRY there is nothing in that, it’s not a bad word right ? It’s just a word and too easy to pronounce right. So don’t think about anything else just go and say SORRY.

If you are in a bad mood then try not to talk, just go back to your room, take a long breath and just listen to music or have a nap for some time which makes you feel better and when you both are in a better mood start talking and solving your problems. 

Note: – I suggest you not drink alcohol after a fight as this may make you do the wrong thing at the wrong time.

So the next time when you find yourself starting to argue with your partner just try these and you may feel better.

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