Front End Developer Interview Questions

Hello users, Today we are going to discuss about Front End Developer Interview Questions which may be useful to track your interviews and get your dream job.

These Questions have been designed based on my friends & Colleagues personal interviews which they were questioned.

This Questions list credit goes to Tanya Gupta.

A good front-end developer needs to have a working knowledge about:

  • HTML
  • CSS

Now lets get into the questions and check them out.

  1. Difference between bootstrap3 and bootstrap4?
  2. What is flexbox?
  3. How to make a logo center horizantly and vertically?
  4. What are css variables?
  5. What is calc?
  6. Difference between in box-shadow and drop-shadow?
  7. Difference between rem and em units?
  8. Full form of rem?
  9. What are the design principles?
  10. What is DOM?
  11. What is lazy loading?
  12. How can you increase page performance?
  13. Difference between padding & margin.
  14. Difference between absolute & relative position.
  15. How can you submit a form without refreshing page?
  16. What is Ajax?
  17. What are the parameters in ajax?
  18. What is e.preventDefault() in JQuery?
  19. How do you link an external stylesheet or script?
  20. Difference between visibility:hidden and display:none.
  21. How do you get a value from the input field using jQuery?

Hope these questions help you crack your interview.All the best. If you like the article do share with your friends and colleagues which are looking for a job change.

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